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When you're in situations like these...​

​Great Opportunity
​ - Significant growth

 - Mergers and acquisitions

 - Need due diligence or technology


 - Searching for funding

 - Building a new product line

Great Foresight
- You see a breaking point coming
- Preparing for an external audit
- You want to be sure your data is safe
- You need an experienced executive on

  your advisory staff

Great Pain

- You've had too much unplanned

- You've lost revenue or customers 

- You've lost data that can't be replaced
- Customers know of issues with your

  website before you do

- You're constantly stuck in firefighting


... we help you achieve your business objectives...

For example:

​- Increase revenue

- Increase customer satisfaction

- Increase corporate value

- Increase discretionary time

- Prepare for fund raising

- Prepare for disaster

- Increase corporate productivity

- Make a wise purchase decision

- Assure compliance with regulations

- Improve employee morale

- Increase executive business awareness

... through a comprehensive set of executive services.

Trusted Advisors

to executives at all levels of experience and responsibility

Part-time or Interim executives

A few areas of expertise

- Strategic facilitations

- Product and portfolio management

- Large project management

- Budget development

- Technology assessments

and more... we cover the entire range of what you might expect from a seasoned executive.