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Executive TimeSlice can fill the role of interim or part time CEO or the role of Advisor to the CEO depending on your needs.  An Executive TimeSlice CEO will fill as much of the CEO role as needed for as long as necessary to assure your success. 

We help you:
- Define and/or refine your business objectives
- Objectively review your current situation
- Obtain cash needed to run your business
- Deal with personnel and staffing issues
- Assure your timing and time to market are optimal
- Understand the markets in your industry
- Assess your risks, market position, competitors, etc. 
- Put together daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual roadmaps
- Make critical and politically challenging decisions
- Weigh corporate priorities against investor priorities
- Effectively communicate both internally and externally 
- And more depending on your needs.

Because we are a third party we can take a look at your business as an investor or auditor would, and advise as needed in preparation for a due diligence, acquisition, or audit.

We are most frequently hired by existing executive staff, board members, and existing and potential investors.

A Chief Executive Officer is the highest ranking executive in a company, and usually acts as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations. The CEO will often have a position on the board, and in some cases is even the chair.

The primary roles of a CEO include:

- Managing cash flow by facilitating the

  generation of revenue, structuring financing

  deals, and prioritizing the time and assets of the


- Ensuring the different components of the

  business are in alignment with the short and

  long-term objectives of the company.

- Developing and implementing high-level


- Making major corporate decisions

What is a CEO?

How we help

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