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Executive TimeSlice can fill the role of interim or part time COO or the role of Advisor to the COO depending on your needs.  An Executive TimeSlice COO will fill as much of the COO role as needed for as long as necessary to assure your success. 

We can help smaller companies by ensuring that the required tasks for the success of the company are known and completed.  New executives particularly appreciate the advice of a seasoned executive in this role.

Larger companies often require a COO who can efficiently execute a critical project such as opening a new store or arranging a key partnership.  We have a long track record of success with initiatives requiring high attention to detail and the ability to influence cultural acceptance.

Because we are a third party we can take a look at your business as an investor or auditor would, and advise as needed in preparation for a due diligence, acquisition, or audit.

We are most frequently hired by existing CEOs.

A Chief Operations Officer (COO) is responsible for executing the company's day-to-day operations.  The functions required of a COO often vary depending upon the situation and needs of the company.

Some typical COO responsibilities include:
- Assure that critical or special projects are

  completed on time and on budget.

- Act as President of the company overseeing all

  other departments, including revenue generation

  (sales) and business development. 

- Sometimes a COO is assigned as an eventual

  successor to the CEO.

- Manage corporate administrative divisions such

  as accounting, legal or HR.

The role of Chief Operating Officer allows for considerable breadth of duties and requires an individual who is capable of both inspired leadership as well as excellent execution of projects.

What is a COO?

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