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Executive TimeSlice can fill the role of interim or part time CTO or the role of Advisor to the CTO depending on your needs.  An Executive TimeSlice CTO will fill as much of the CTO role as needed for as long as necessary to assure your success. 

We help you by providing a full suite of technology executive services to assure you achieve your business objectives:
- Enhance the role of technology as a driver of revenue
- Increase profits by optimizing spending and resource utilization
- Visualize and build consensus for strategic technology initiatives
- Decrease time-to-profitability by getting products to market faster
- Increase the efficiency of your technology development team by optimizing

  development practices and methodologies

- and much more.

Because we are a third party we can take a look at your business as an investor or auditor would, and advise as needed in preparation for a due diligence, acquisition, or audit.

We are most frequently hired by existing executive staff, such as CEOs, COOs, and CFOs.

The Chief Technology Officer is the executive who is responsible for developing and implementing new technologies.  In many organizations the CTO plays a key role in developing corporate strategies.

The CTO is primarily concerned with long-term and "big picture" technology issues (while still having deep technical knowledge of the relevant field). 

As opposed to a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who is responsible for implementing existing technologies to achieve corporate objectives, the CTO is responsible for designing and building new technologies in support of those objectives.  The CIO is typically more on the “what do we do” side than on the “how do we do it” side.  In many organizations only one technology executive is needed and that person fills both roles.  In other organizations where both roles are needed, the roles of CIO and CTO could be quite distinct or could overlap significantly, making these roles difficult to precisely define.

What is a CTO?

How we help

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