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The situation: InSpa is a day spa with offices in Washington and California.  Their needs:

1. Their executives wanted a more comprehensive picture of the financial state of the company.
2. They had an idea for a new product that could revolutionize not only InSpa but the scheduled service industry itself, and needed help bringing the idea to market.
3. They needed to optimize their funding pitch prior to a round of funding.
4. They were spending a great deal for communications technologies that were older and/or not the best match for their current needs.

The Solution

We helped with each of their needs as follows:
1. We designed, mutually prioritized, and built (and are continuing to build) numerous executive-level reports that have given than an insight into their business greater than ever before.
2. We designed and led the team to build their Personalized Offer Program (PoP), which is now used throughout the company to optimize staff schedules against customer preferences.
3. We helped them optimize their slide deck and introduced them to potential investors.
4. We designed and implemented a new networking architecture that reduced their communications costs significantly.


Each of our initiatives directly influenced InSpa's profitability.
1. Their new awareness of the state of the business continues to increase  InSpa's ability to increase profits.
2. Their PoP system is now accounting for a significant percentage of their revenue and has dramatically increased profitability.
3. InSpa raised significant funds as a result of their hard work and improved pitch.
4. Their communications costs have been reduced by more than 50%, which will pay for the cost of the migration within six to twelve months.

In Their Words

Over the years we've worked together, Executive TimeSlice has been a valuable partner in increasing our profitability in several ways. 

They worked with us to design information systems that have given us a greater insight into our business, allowing us to make wiser choices on some critical decisions. 
They helped us design and implement our Personalized Offer Program which has reduced our unused staff hours, increased customer experience, and has so far contributed over 15% to our monthly revenue, and rising.
They helped us optimize our pitch for our recent round of funding, resulting in significant capital raised from several sources.
They helped us optimize our communications infrastructure, reducing our monthly costs by 50%.

We look forward to working with them in the future as we continue to increase our profitability and productivity.