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The situation: The Museum of Flight needed a Ten Year Technology Master Plan.  This critical document would guide their technology efforts for the foreseeable future and have a tremendous impact on the ability of the Museum to remain world-class and competitive.

The Solution

We met with many of the leaders at the Museum, including executives, key workers, and board members. 

Instead of just providing a technology-focused strategy, we also focused on how technology could increase revenue and customer experience.

From the hundreds of suggestions, ideas, and pain points gathered, we created a Master Technology Plan comprised of a rolling set of short term (12 to 24 months) initiatives accompanied by a set of guiding principles that will guide the Museum over at least the next 10 years.

The solution included a Portfolio Management System and a revised technology budget, several white papers about upcoming technologies, and various other deliverables.


After one year, executives at the Museum reported that they had implemented the plan and had begun to see increased efficiency due to cost saving measures that were included in the very early steps of the plan.

Those savings are enabling the Museum to move forward with some of the more forward-looking initiatives that are not solely maintenance based.

They are continuing to use the plan today.

In Their Words

We brought Executive TimeSlice in to lead the creation of the Museum of Flight’s 10 year technology master plan.  In their work with executives, trustees, and department heads across every aspect of the Museum, they not only helped us put our vision into words, they changed the conversation about what technology can do for the Museum and set us on a good path for execution of our plan in the coming years