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Executive TimeSlice can fill the role of interim or part time sales executive or the role of advisor to the sales executive depending on your needs.  An Executive TimeSlice sales executive will fill as much of the sales executive role as needed for as long as necessary to assure your success.

A sales executive or Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is responsible for generating the revenue that runs the company.  He or she is an expert at not only sales but also personal interactions, forecasting, sales methodologies and tools, training, and more.

The Chief Revenue Officer applies expertise in "Revenue Generation" and leads the strategy for generating more profitable revenue based on working closely with the CEO, and the heads of sales and marketing. The CRO builds the bridge from long-term corporate strategy to tactical planning and execution. The CRO is responsible for making sure the organization, skills, information, resources, and support are there and aligned for revenue-generating success. The CRO is prepared to step in and provide coaching and hands-on assistance when needed.  This helps the company achieve short term goals while creating a sustainable competitive advantage that continues to generate profitable revenue over time based on the strategic plan.

What is a sales executive?

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Sales Executive TimeSlice (or Chief Revenue Officer - CRO)