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The situation: Tableau Software wanted to provide a third business product in addition to their desktop and server offerings: a "Tableau Public" service that would allow websites to embed Tableau's data visualization capabilities in public web pages.  They wanted help designing and staffing a data center capable of handling a variable and unpredictable amount of web traffic.

The Solution

Executive TimeSlice enabled a company-critical new business venture (Tableau Public) by leading the company's web team to implement a flexibly-sized production data center.  We provided services including:

- team leadership

- product and project management

- architectural design

- recruiting and hiring assistance, and


In addition to the primary objective of implementing Tableau Public, we also:

- implemented a technical operations

  strategic plan,

- provided cross-training,

- implemented written objectives and

  performance reviews

- adopted industry best practices.


Upon rollout of the Tableau Public service Tableau experienced 100% operational uptime with up to 10x normal traffic. 

In addition, the adoption of industry best practices and more efficient product/project management strategies allowed an overall increase in both internal and external customer satisfaction with the website and the website team.


In Their Words

We brought Executive TimeSlice in to help us launch a new product, now called Tableau Public, which is an internet-facing version of our data visualization software.

Executive TimeSlice's work enabled our marketing team to promote our products in an entirely new way, and increased the visibility of those products to millions of potential customers.