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The situation: Valant Medical provides online EMR (Electronic Medical Records) services for hundreds of clients.  They were having significant issues sustaining expected levels of customer facing uptime for those services.  Once those were resolved, they needed help achieving HIPAA compliance, implementing a Disaster Recovery plan, and ensuring ongoing progress against technology goals.

The Solution

In our first 90 day plan we focused on implementing a Backup and Restore policy, a Monitoring and Alerting policy, and an Escalation and Response policy. 
Our second 90 day plan improved their HIPAA compliance level, and follow-on work implemented (and is continuing to improve) their Disaster Recovery plan.
We continue to work with Valant Medical to prioritize and track technology initiatives and ensure their ongoing success.


As a result of their new policies (and the implementation of them), Valant Medical has had very close to zero downtime on their EMR over the past two years. 
They now have a complete set of HIPAA policies and a Disaster Recovery plan.

Their technology, which once was holding them back, has allowed them to more than triple in size since 2010.

In Their Words

When we first talked with Executive TimeSlice in late 2009 we were looking for a solution to recent issues with backups, data loss, and downtime.  Instead of jumping straight to a technical solution, they brought the conversation up to a strategic level and helped us find the results that would be of the most value to our organization. 
We now have the ability to scale our customer base 3x to 5x and are actively seeking that level of growth.
Our business and data are safe, and we won’t go out of business if we lose a server or a data center.
We have far fewer customer complaints due to increased website performance.
Their contributions to our business and technology have enabled us to make more money, make our customers happier, and sleep better at night.  I’m happy to refer them to anyone wanting more revenue, happier customers, or peace of mind.